Writing a Narrative Essay

A Narrative Essay simply means “telling a story.” The most common one is your OWN story, that is, an “autobiography”.

Narrative Flow

Peer Feedback Checklist:

  1. The story you must tell has a clear purpose; it must have a point. Good narration tells who did what to whom, where, when and how. It also states or implies why the event or incident is significant. The subject of your essay is the point you are making, not the story you are telling.
  2. Blueprint your ideas and then fill in descriptive details. Blueprinting helps you to arrange your events in chronological order and to group the events appropriately. Use transition terms to help the coherence of your narrative.
  3. Make sure that your opening paragraph introduces the scene and major characters so that your readers are not confused. In your closing paragraph, draw the strings together to leave your readers with a satisfactory closure.
  4. Use dialogue sparingly. Each exchange of dialogue (changing from one speaker to another) should be a separate paragraph.
  5. Don’t try to include too many events in a short narrative.