Uncle Fester Listening for Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are all over the place in English, both in formal and informal speaking and writing. A phrasal verb occurs when a verb stands usually with one but sometimes more prepositions, AND where the meaning is more than the sum of its¬†parts. For example, “fall” as a verb that means things dropping from a normal position to the ground. But to “fall in love with” is a complex phrasal verb of deep emotions, sometimes even uncontrollable love with/for a person: You can’t get that logically from FALL + IN + LOVE + WITH.

The following story of Jack Peterson and his Uncle Fester is full of these kinds of Phrasal Verbs. Without understanding their meanings, you are incapable of understanding this simple text. You can download the ‘fill-in’ version of the text, then HAVE FUN LISTENING. Remember, without hearing or otherwise perceiving what someone is saying to you, there’s just no communication!