Theme and Thesis?

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A great little poem here (7 stanzas of 4 lines each).
2 Questions for you:
1. What is the THEME?
2. What is the THESIS?
THEME is the topic of the essay/ story– the main subject in each sentence
THESIS is much more; it’s your OPINION of the topic and what you want the readers to
              THINK and/or DO about it.
The following is taken from Robert E. Lee’s chapter, “Considering the Alternative” in Phillip Berman (ed. 1989) The Courage to Grow Old.
My nose isn’t Grecian,
My brow isn’t granite.
I’m near the completion of years on this planet.
I enjoy a fairly
Anonymous fame;
They quote me, but rarely
Remember my name.
My eyesight is grand
When my glasses are clean.
I’m overly tanned,
I’m tired, but not lean.
I can usually hear
Somewhat more than I’d like to.
If it’s down-hill and near,
It’s a place I can bike to.
My nails are a sight
That would sicken a leper.
My hair isn’t white–
But there’s salt in the pepper.
The enzymes still mix,
The colon still works,
The glottis still clicks.
The patella still jerks.
I’m not yet a ghost,
Nor planning to rot–
And I’m making the most
Of the years that I’ve got!
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