The Incredible impact of reading!





Reading groupNothing helps more in building your vocabulary and CHANGING your language thinking, than reading a good book in English. EVEN MORE IMPACTFUL to your life is to read a chapter/section of a book/article/blog, and THEN share it with others. This is what a LITERATURE CIRCLE can do for you! Brown University has some helps for Study Circles for Professionals

The books can vary from anywhere from Project Management texts to science fiction: The important thing is to keep meeting on a weekly basis for one hour with a group from 3 to 8 people. Each should be assigned the same reading, but using separate tasks, according to the roles outlined in Brown’s description.

By the time you finish the book you will be hooked! You’ll always want to connect your reading with valuable discussions like this. Oh, and you can do the SAME THING WITH MOVIES with many people. After the movie, go to a coffee/tea shop or bar and talk about your impressions and opinions of the movie. Try and not read subtitles, but rather focus on what you hear and see instead.

One practical way to get started is to begin a MeetUp and invite others to a Reading Circle in English. You may wish to pick a book or type of book to start or ask others to join you and THEN d
ecide.Have fun!