Randy Easthouse has been tutoring professionals from all over the world for over 23 years. The testimonials below are a small sample of the work that he has done.

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Since I moved into Canada I have attended several ESL classes and I could not see any improvement at all. I have been working with Randy for the last month and I could see positive results since our first meeting. I feel more confident when I am talking to someone; I also feel that people understand me better now.

I found so many positive things about Randy. His schedule is flexible and adaptable which is very convenient for me due to my current occupation. His rate is pretty reasonable.

He also helps me out with grammar, and now I more aware of the mistakes on my speech.

He uses very good material and he is so enjoyable to work with. Randy is patient and doesn’t care to go through the same explanation as many times as I need it.

I highly recommend Randy to anyone who wants to speak as an English native or wants to be accurate.

Angela Useche

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your class this term. Thank you for guiding me. You’re an excellent teacher, kind, friendly, and patient, but strict with us in our study. You always make our classes humorous and interesting. You taught us a lot of knowledge about English. I remember you asked us, “How many minutes outside of class do you communicate in English everyday?” You made me know I have to communicate with my neighbourhood in English everyday. That’s the best way I can improve my speak English better. Also I can learn the right pronunciation in this term and to me that is my biggest gain. I must confess, I don’t want to leave the class to LINC 4 because you’re my favorite teacher and I will miss you!

Siu Ching, China

I want to thank you for teaching me in this course. I really like the class and I learn a lot of new things. It was fun to meet new people. I am excited about you telling us how to pronounce English better. I never knew much about this before. Also you are so patient. I appreciate your kindness and I how to stay in your class learning more.

Ann, China

Level Three LINC course comments:

I want to thank you, Randy, for helping me to improve my English. You are amazing in the way you teach us, making it fun and exciting. You use many different ways to teach us, using different methods to help us to understand faster and easier because you have a lot of experience.

You make me happy because I was often depressed before you started to teach us. You’re a positive person and always have fun in class which helps me to enjoy my life for sure

Amer, Iraq

I want to thank you for teaching me about English every Monday to Friday. I really like our class and I’m learning a lot of new things and am improving my English. I enjoy how you provide me knowledge about the Canadian culture which helps me living in Canada. I now spend more time out of the house than before and I learn more. You are a good and co-operative teacher. Also I now do not hesitate to ask any question. Thanks for your help.

Paramjit, Punjab

I thank you for teaching me this term. I Iearned a lot and had fun because you are humorous. Another reason is your patience. Sometimes we don’t understand, so you explain it again and again.

Xin Jie, China

I want to thank you for teaching me English every day. I’ve learned a lot especially in listening and speaking and am quickly improving—I’m so excited. You are an excellent teacher and you’re humorous.

Grace, China

I really like the class you teach since you not only teach English but also life skills as well. I’m excited when I’m in your class. You have a sense of humour and I am never bored in your class. Thank you.

Qi Na, China

Thoughts about Randy:

  • Able to quickly recognize deficiencies in grammar and phonetics with client and promptly correct them
  • Able to offer alternatives in speaking and writing so that client sounds more natural and professional
  • Able to make client comfortable and encouraged at speaking new English sounds and idioms
  • Often able to provide a background into English verbs and terms as to why we use them in this way
  • As a mutual language learning R. is able to empathize with the acquisition and cultural challenges and provide practical strategies for bridging
  • Makes learning fun!

Stan Pankratz

Centre for Newcomers Program Supervisor Review – Randy Easthouse

  1. What have you studied in this class?
    Topics: stress management, sports, holidays, and health.
  2. Do you feel more confident in using English?  Is your English getting better in this class?
    Yes, we have improved listening/speaking skills, pronunciation, and grammar.
  3. What resources does the teacher use to help you learn English?
    Randy has used audio, videos, presentations, newspapers, and handouts.
  4. Do you have any suggestions for the teacher?
    No suggestions.
  5. Do you have any advice for the the teacher/the program?
    More evening hours.
A summary of the written responses:
“I like this class because…”
  • The teacher is helpful/fun/patient/friendly (8 responses)
  • I heave learned new things/my English has improved (3 responses)
  • The schedule works for me (2 responses)
  • Fun classroom activities (2 responses)
  • I like the guest speakers/presentations.
November 26, 2012
Centre for Newcomers LINC Co-orderinator Charlie Wang

I feel my English is getting better and my understanding of Canadian culture have improve a lot. English classes are helpful for me.

Let me keep using English in each lesson.  I found that I learn many new things from the classes and improving my language skills.

It’s good for my daily life, further my education and employment.

My English is improving better than before and I am learning Canadian culture after learning I can communicate with Canadian people.

This program was very helpful for me.  It gives me a motive to learn English more and he is best teacher for students.

This class is very helpful for me to improve my language.

Really I got more improve in my speaking, writing, reading and listening.  Also I got more information which can help me when I apply for a job.  I know so much about the law in Canada in many cases such as family, driving and others.

The program was extremely useful in improving my proficiency of my English language, speaking, writing and listening.

LINC 3 Student evaluation comments: Nov 2012

Honestly, Mr. Randy Easthouse is excellent and perfect.  He is hard worker, team player, organized, listens to direction, problem solver and punctual.  He helped us so much and we hope more successful for him. Thanks to Randy he is a very good teacher.

I think Randy has already well done. Please continue him teacher in future because he is a amazing, excellent teacher. I have to do a lot of writing homework.  I don’t like homework but it helps me very much for improve my English.

Link 4 Student evaluation comments: Nov 2012

“Randy has really helped me be more confident in speaking.  I needed the extra lessons in pronunciation.”

M.S., Mexico

“As the PM and Sales Manager for CCT, I worked directly with Randy to develop and coordinate ESL instruction for close to 30 students across four Canadian cities for a large Engineering firm based in Calgary. Randy was instrumental in making the project flow seamlessly with his exceptional proactive, action-orientated work ethic. Randy was loved by the students and respected by the other Instructors he managed as part of the project.

Students later relayed to me how much they were learning from Randy’s knowledge and professional ability to present with such ease of understanding. Randy is very energetic, outspoken and eager to be a team contributor. CCT is very fortunate to have him as an Instructor and I would recommend Randy for future teaching assignments.”

T.L. Snow, Calgary

“The classes were difficult at first, but I have really learned to speak instead of relying on reading.”

G.M., Calgary

“As a colleague, Randy worked in the area with me known as language development. Together we developed training programs for literacy trainers in the country of India. Randy brought his expertise to ESL programs in Calgary, serving in the classroom of a multi-church based ESL program and later as a professor at Alberta Bible College. Randy excels in developing innovative educational programs.

He is diligent in research and creative in applications. He is in touch with the latest in learning theory and in second language acquisition. He develops networks in whatever context he finds himself and thus is adept at knowledge transfer. He encourages professional development amongst those he works with.

I have no hesitation in recommending Randy, especially in the field of ESL.”

S.E. Simpson, Calgary

“He’s very friendly yet challenges me to be a better speaker.  When I share my goal with him he keeps me to it, even when I’m discouraged; he encourages me.  That was a great workout with words today!  You really worked with all 12 of us stretching us in our pronunciation!

Any question I have that I can’t form in English he helps me answer because he’s a good Spanish speaker.  He’s a friend, a coach, and he demands that I can be myself while also speaking English.”

Hi have known Randy for many years and he has great cross cultural experience with a passion for working with people. He will go the extra mile with helping a student understand the English language and also the cultural adjustment challenges that come with building a career in a new country.

Tim Orr
Director, Residential Services
Vancouver Island Health Authority