`SANDWICH-style Essay Writing

SANDWICH Essay Writing: Whether it’s a 5-paragraph essay or simply a single paragraph, the structure can be the same: A SANDWICH!
– Tell what you’re going to tell them (Introduction)
– Tell them (Body)
– Tell them what you TOLD them (conclusion)

In the 5 paragraph/ 350 word essay (hint: Executive Statement in writing a Proposal), include the following paragraphs

  1. Introduction- provide a Topic and thesis statement. Be sure to provide a hook of interest either in the first or last sentence
  2. Body (3 paragraphs detailing the process/comparision-contrast points/ or cause-effect processes
  3. Conclusion paragraph (restating #1 and summarizing #2 with an attractive short sentence close)

HAPPY WRITING!  Contact me if you have questions or want guidance.Sandwich Paragraphing