Cause-Effect Essays

Cause and effect statements are very powerful and critical for a professional to know how to use effectively. The careful listener researches, discovers the connections, jots down the skeleton connections to the points: CAUSES / EFFECTS, and then fills in the meat with sentences, paragraphs and their transition words.

Finding the cause for an event or a state may be as simple as asking, “How?” or “Why did this happen?” First search for the source, where it came from, then link them together either through a change, process or period of time. For example, “What brought me to Canada (effect or result)?” some have asked me. That’s easy: I met a hot blonde (cause) from Prince Georgeback then at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle and, as they say, “The rest is history!” Ah, but the fact that I then began living in Canada changed my perspective about lifestyle and economics. Things then were cheaper in Calgary than in San Francisco and Canadians at that time did not consider war an immediate response to world problems. So, coming to Canada, itself became a cause for this change in perspective (an effect). Cause Dominoes