What I Do

I deliver a unique client centered English Coaching service to business professionals and students in Puerto Vallarta and around the world via video chat.

English is the language of international business. More people use English as their second language than there are native speakers of English. When a buyer or seller wants to take advantage of a global market for sales and for employees, English is the required language.

The greater a person’s facility with English, the greater chance of success they have in the business world.

I provide language coaching tailored to the individuals client needs. No standard course or curriculum– I will work on what you need whether you are conducting annual performance reviews, building client relationships, or preparing for your next degree program. You will develop:

  • Certainty in the clarity and quality of your communication
  • Measurable reduction in preparation time
  • Complete confidence that your English is accurate
  • Proof reading and editing of business or academic treatises
  • Flexibility in scheduling your session times
  •  Effective and enjoyable times together through which you gain accurate, fluent, and culturally appropriate business communication skills