How We Work Together

We will work together in a variety of ways.  No two clients are identical, and each requires a unique approach suited to their needs.  Together we will create an approach to ensure you learn at the best possible pace.

  • One-to-One: Most of the work takes this format and is the most productive for the client’s learning experience. However online classroom structure is also beneficial. The client benefits from the complete focus of the coach and the informal atmosphere where role playing, rehearsing, and experimenting can be tried, online or in person. Mistakes can be freely made and are used as learning opportunities. Attention is paid to the relative importance of non-verbal meaning in English: Intonation; rhythm; and tone (“the way we say it”) as well as to correct pronunciation and verbal phrasing in communication.
  • Team Coaching: Sometimes we might work with a small team who work together and are developing a presentation or documents together online. This format is most effective for up to 5 people. The team needs to share goals so that the sessions focus on the language rather than the project content or direction.
  • Telephone or Email Coaching: If you have uncertainty about your language content, then I can proof-read it for you. This can be a simple letter to a colleague, email communication, or a major document with response in MS Word’s “Track Changes” or Google Docs. I can check the language form for accuracy and suggest changes to make it more effective.
  • Email/Texting: How many people can imagine doing business without email or texting? It is the de facto mode of communication for most businesses, yet little attention is paid to generating clear, unambiguous messages by email or texting. A simple mistake in choice of wording can give, for example, an angry or negative tone where none was intended. Creating emails that are short, to the point, and communicate a precise message, in the tone you intended, is a service I offer.  (see Editing Services)
  • Session format: The precise form, content, and location of the session depends entirely on your needs. We may work on pronunciation, email content, or a particular job task you face. You may want to:
    • Create/edit/rehearse a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation
    • Ensure your response to a colleague or customer is correct
    • Check the language content of marketing or sales materials or web pages
    • Role-play and important negotiation meeting
    • Prepare for your annual conference or monthly team meeting

Whatever your challenge, I am there to coach and support you to develop effective business language and build confidence in your delivery.

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