4 Most Common English Conversations – Part 1

Mastering the 4 Most Common English Conversations will put you into the category of a “Good” English speaker. People when asked about your English will say,

“Him? Oh, yeah, speaks fine. He answered all my questions,” or
“He expressed himself well.”

The Four Most Common Conversations are:
Conversation #1 – Ordering items at a store
Conversation #2 – Giving/asking for information/direction
Conversation #3 – Describing an activity
Conversation #4 – Expressing your opinion or point of view

PART 1 –
Conversation #1 – Ordering items at a store

This is by far the most common conversation of all with the minimum of skills/vocabulary required from the language learner. Why? Well, let’s say you walk into a MacDonalds restaurant. Chances are you “want something” and the person behind the counter is trained to quickly identify what it is that you want even before you ask.

A successful activity in language learning at this store is easy: Just say,
“French fries, please.” OR
“1 Big Mac” OR
“A small Coca-cola.”
“How much?”
“Here (giving the money).”

Of course these are COMMANDS you are giving so using “Please” helps it to be more polite.

Again, you will be successful in getting what you want, but a better way would be to use COMPLETE SENTENCES like,

“I would like some French fries, please.” OR
“Could I have a 1 Big Mac?” OR
“May I have a small Coca-cola with that?”
“How much does it cost?”
“Here’s the money.”

Practicing COMPLETE SENTENCES in these sentences will quickly show others you can speak English correctly and leave them with the impression that you are respecting them and their culture.

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